GOdigital FAQ

  1. How do I create a personal account on GOdigital ?

    1. Click 'Create account' on the GOdigital home page.
    2. Complete and submit the registration form. Please note that the registered email will be used as your username and cannot be changed later.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Click 'Activate my account now' in the email to activate your GOdigital personal account.
  2. What should I do when the messages below show after I click 'Submit' on the 'Create an account' page ?

    This email address has already been registered with GOdigital. Please use another valid email address to create your account.

    You may:

    • check your mailbox for a confirmation email with a link to activate your account, or
    • click 'Re-send account activation email' if you have deleted the confirmation email we sent you, or
    • log in to GOdigital with the account that you have already activated. If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgot password?' in the login window on the GOdigital page to reset your password.

    *Please note that each email address can be used once only to create a GOdigital account.

  3. How do I activate my GOdigital account ?

    A confirmation request with an account activation link will be sent to your email. Simply click 'Activate my account now' in the email to activate your GOdigital account. The confirmation email is system-generated, so please do not reply to it. If you have not activated your GOdigital account within 7 days of registration, you will have to create your account again.

  4. I have not received any confirmation email after signing up for GOdigital. What should I do ?

    A confirmation email should be sent to your registered email address a few minutes after you have signed up for GOdigital. If you do not see a confirmation email from GOdigital in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder. If you have not received our confirmation email within 7 days of creating your account, please try to create your account on GOdigital again. A confirmation email will then be re-sent to you.

  5. What if I forgot my password ?

    Click here to reset your password (or you may go to the GOdigital home page and click 'Forgot password?' in the login window). To reset your password, you must provide your registered email address.

  6. What can I do with my GOdigital account ?

    Once your account is activated, you may log in to GOdigital to:

    • update your account information.
    • enter the activation codes to activate Oxford’s digital products.
    • see all your registered digital products and go to related product site.
    • reset your activation codes (if applicable).
  7. How do I activate an Oxford digital product with my GOdigital account ?

    1. On GOdigital website:
      1. Log in to GOdigital account.
      2. Enter your activation code in the box under 'Activate your product'.

    2. In Oxford iSolution:
      1. Click here to download Oxford iSolution App to your device or access Oxford iSolution browser version.
      2. Log in to the platform with your GOdigital account.
      3. Expand the top menu, click the ⊕ button and enter your product activation code.
  8. Where do I get an activation code ?

    You can purchase a scratch card with an activation code or you may find a scratch card with an activation code on the back cover of the Oxford product(s) which you have purchased. The activation code(s) may also be provided by teachers.

  9. Where can I look up the digital products that I have activated and their corresponding activation codes ?

    Under 'Manage your product' of GOdigital, you will see the list of Oxford digital products and their codes that are registered under your account.

  10. What should I do if I have any other questions/enquiries ?

    Please email your queries or enquiries to us at go-digital.hk@oup.com.